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Client: Allerta


The brief was simple: Let people know that recurring colds = allergies.

I took one of the most repetitive music genres, house music, and incorporated allergy symptoms into the music bed, creating a sticky reminder that if you're sneezing repetitively, it's probably allergies. 

A full song was pitched to be released as a single with remixes done by popular Filipino DJs. Until client ran out of budget.



SFX Sneezing arranged into a repetitive musical bed


Repetitive itching and sneezing?

That might not be colds.

If it keeps repeating, it might be allergy.


Use Allerta, Allerta, Allerta - with triple allergy shield for fast-acting, long-lasting allergy defense.


Allergy? Allerta, Allerta, Allerta.

A companion 15s was also created with "looping" as visual device.


Looping colds? It's allergy.

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